Album: Flute Concertos & Trios

Released: 7th September 2019, Pan Classics, © note 1 music gmbh.

Works of Franz Xaver Richter and Johann Stamitz. With Jana Semerádová, transverse flute.

Because Carl Theodor, Elector Palatine, was an experienced flute player, this instrument played a significant role for many composers of the commonly called Manheim School. Those concerts, quartets, trios and sonatas were widely disseminated throughout Europe due to effectively networked music printing centers which released them. As one of the most important representatives of the Mannheim School, Franz Xaver Richter (1709-1789) became very popular for his free instrumentations of flute and violin in his harpsichord trios in D major and A minor. Richter’s works are said to be rather conservative interpretations of the Mannheim School, whereas Johann Stamitz (1717-1757) represents stylistic and structural innovation. With his flute concert in G major, Stamnitz introduced new tonal colours to the baroque charm.

For the album “Flute Concertos & Trios”, Ensemble Castor proudly presents the excellent transverse flute player Jana Semerádová from Prague.

Flute Concertos and Trios booklet